HoME: A Moment to Land

BETHLEN Square theater
19 September, 2023, Tuesday, 18:00



Ricardo Castro Arceiz — interdisciplinary performer
Bálint Bolcsó — composer
Dunja Crnjanski — pianist, performer
Marco Döttlinger — composer
Franciska Éry — theatre director
Ábris Gryllus — interdisciplinary artist
Branislav Jovancevic — composer
Jug Marković — composer
Carlos Nuñez Medina — composer
Julio Cesar Palacio — composer and sound artist
Eva Maria Schaller — choreographer, dancer
Conny Zenk — video artist and visual composer

“Would you tell us what home means to you?” Answers to this question were collected by 12 artists from different genres, art disciplines and countries in Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Spain. Three phases of the collective project HoME can now be seen together:

HoME installation
An interactive mobile studio and the surrounding space where individual and private narratives are sonified and played in real time (through sonification). Here, visitors can be alone and reflect on the true nature of their home, while others around the installation listen to the sounds created by the processes inside.

HoME exhibition
A collection of seven audiovisual works of different types created by the participating artists based on their experiences during the journey with the installation.

A Moment to Land
A music theatre performance by participating artists that draws on responses and stories collected during the research trip. Instrumental and electro-acoustic music makers, visual composers, dancers, performers, actors and directors work together to give an insight into what home can mean to them.