Von Bartók bis Bartók

17 September, 2021, Friday, 19:30



Gregory Vajda


Tamás Pálfalvi trumpet

Simon Höfele trumpet

János Benyus horn

Bartók not only defines the second half of the evening, but also the Hungarian works heard in the first half. The 2020 New Hungarian Music Forum Composers' Competition-winning pieces - works by Dániel Dinyés, Marcell Dargay and Balázs Horváth - all took Bartók as their points of departure. The works borrow motifs and are built on musical thoughts from the composers' great forerunner to create a new world of sound in which the influence of Bartók cannot necessarily be traced. It is a similarly stimulating game one of the most sought-after German composers of our time, Matthias Pintscher, plays with tradition. The work, Occulation, by the music director of the legendary French orchestra, Ensemble Intercontemporain, features a solo trumpet and solo horn, and will close the first half of the concert.