Budapest Music Centre
27 January, 2024, Saturday, 19:00


László Tihanyi: Four Intermezzos – world premiere
Balázs Horváth: Sky / Earth – for Double Bell Trumpet and Ensemble – world premiere, commission of the UMZE Ensemble
Péter Eötvös: Snatches of a Conversation
László Vidovszky: Promenade


László Tihanyi

Balázs Horváth


Tamás Pálfalvi - trumpet

Two masters, two conductors, two essential works, and two premieres. László Tihanyi and Balázs Horváth, who are celebrating the 80th birthdays of Péter Eötvös and László Vidovszky, will perform a new piece each – related to the oeuvre of Vidovszky and Eötvös – this evening. The two composer-conductors will alternately conduct their own works and related Eötvös pieces as part of this year's Átlátszó Hang New Music Festival. The special feature of the event will be the double bell trumpet, which gives the opportunity to quickly change different timbres, and on which Tamás Pálfalvi, the instrumental soloist of the UMZE Ensemble, will play.